Here's something NEW - Harry teamed up with Laura McCarthy
and engineer Howard Eglowstein to produce art out of light. Harry's
sconce fixtures are based on organic designs and use advanced controls
to change over time. Check out the work at Harry's site:
or here or here.

Harry teamed up with Laura McCarthy to design a line of couture using Harry's
custom digitally printed fabrics. They took a selection of them to the
Olympics and when they returned, were invited to take them to several shows.
Boston Fashion Week 2016 showcased Harry and Laura's collection
at the W Hotel in Boston on September 26. WMUR, the NH local ABC affiliate showcased
their design company on October 13 on NH Chronicles. Check it out!

You can find out more about Harry and Laura's new company
and their designs by visiting their new site,
or send an email to

The Luminous Firefly Collection made an appearance up close
and personal at the Latino STEM Alliance’s 2016 Annual Robotics Competition and Family Science Fair.
The Fair hopes to inspire budding young inventors, and we were proud to have one of the dresses on display.

You've seen us at Mélange 2014 in San Francisco on Sept 27
and we wowed them on the Descience Runway 2014 on Sept 29.

If you missed the TEDx at Southern New Hampshire University on Nov 15,
you didn't get to see our tensgrity structure, made of 10 foot PVC
and totally free standing with just elastic cords.

Harry designed the sets (see them here or here) for a world premiere reading
of a lost Elie Wiesel play, "The Choice" at Harvard's Sanders Theater on April 12, 2015.
Compelling graphics of concentration camp detainees observed as readers read the moving
play to an audience of people from around the world. [You can watch it here and see the sets in action]

For more information on Team Synesthesia Muse, the
amazing Luminous Firefly Collection or our light sculptures
and displays, contact Harry Umen at .

A collaborative team taking art & fashion to new places,
the Synesthesia Muse Design Group welcomes commissioned design
work that incorporates interactive technology in the areas of
costume design, fashion design, performance, art installations,
stage sets, and trade show presentations.
See Hailey Bonczar lighting up the Collection.
Harry, Angela and Deborah talk about the Luminous Firefly Dress on NHPR's Word Of Mouth (November 13, 2014)
(click on the green play button to the left to listen)
Harry and Angela talk with Ari Daniel and Amanda Kowalski about the Luminous Firefly dress
(and we get to see Harry and Angela dancing!! [1:37])
See the 10 foot lighted tensegrity in action.