An Octave Of Cows

Welcome to the An Octave Of Cows project. You're here presumably because you're looking for sound files you can use as sampled sounds for a synthesizer project. We're not sure how you found us, but this is the right place. The site gets its name from its maiden voyage - a Science Buddies project which used hobbyist RFID hardware to simulate a set of handbells. The first sound set we created for the project and this site is an octave and a half of professional bell sounds (recorded on real recorders & stuff). As the Python code for the project evolved, it was clear that while handbells are very cool, cows are cooler.

So of course, the next set was an octave of cows. This is a synthesized set where one cow was a properly recorded cow and the rest of the octave was created in Adobe Audition. Then after the cows came cats. No sampled sound set is complete without burps, so you'll find those here too.

Want to join in the fun? If you have a really good set of sounds that complete an octave or more, or one that can easily be mathematically modified to change pitch nicely, we want to hear about it. Our goal is to build a collection of these with no rival.

Do you have a scale of cool sounds you'd like to share? One good sound that would make an awesome scale? An idea for a cool sound? Let us know by email (click here). If you have a crazy idea for a way of using our collection, we want to hear about that too!

AnOctaveOfCows© is copyright 2014 by Howard Eglowstein. All Rights Reserved. The sounds on this site are free for any educational use. All we ask is that you give us credit as the source. Any other use requires specific written permission. The sounds on this site have been collected from known free sources or personally field collected. The lovely cow image came from Wikipedia. It's not our cow.